Geyre Village - 1950

Friends of Geyre
Aphrodisias is a truly remarkable classical site, and New York University's excavations there are devoted to realising its great potential. The astonishing quality and preservation of its remains give a picture unrivalled in its clarity of a prosperous city of Roman Anatolia. It forms an important part of our University's global commitment to research and education, and the new museum will, I believe, enhance enormously the value and experience of visiting the site both for scholars and the wider public.

James R. McCredie
Director, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University

Aphrodisias allows us to see and to understand classical art in its ancient context more fully than is possible at any other site. An astonishing repertoire of finely carved marble sculptures have been discovered in their original columned settings. The seventy reliefs from the Sebasteion, for example, can be reconstructed in their precise sequence and program. They are a unique body of images representing Roman Emperors and mythological heroes, and they will occupy a central position in the New Museum.
Anyone interested in the art and visual culture of the ancient world will want to visit Aphrodisias. And to work there and to investigate the extraordinary legacy of its spectacular marbles is a great privilege. We are working to make that legacy visible and understandable to a wide public.

R.R.R. Smith
Co-director, New York University Excavations at Aphrodisias &
Lincoln Professor of Classical Archaeology and Art, Oxford University.

The restoration of the great series of sculptured marbles from Aphrodisias is a wonderful challenge for our team of stone conservators. Though sometimes badly fragmented, the statues and reliefs are of a breathtaking quality that proper restoration can bring to life for the modern viewer. We are proud to be involved in this great conservation project and are seeking to bring the best modern materials and techniques to Aphrodisias in a way that is sympathetic to the artistic character of these extraordinary ancient sculptures.
Mr. Trevor Proudfoot
Director, Cliveden Conservation, U.K.
Senior Consultant for Marble Conservation at Aphrodisias

The English Friends of Aphrodisias have for many years supported the excavations at Geyre and helped the British members of the archaeological team. The Friends paid for the restoration of the statue of the Old Fisherman and are now concentrating on fund raising for restoration of further sculptures from the Sebasteion.
All are scheduled for exhibition in the New Aphrodisias Museum.

Lady Patricia Daunt
President - Friends of Aphrodisias Trust, London

The Association of French Friends of Aphrodisias was founded in 1981, Many activities related to Turkey are organized regularly for our members. Funds raised through these activities, membership fees and donations, are placed every summer at the disposal of the Director of Excavations at Aphrodisias. But they cover only a small fraction of costs and far greater sums are required for the construction of a long-needed New Museum at Aphrodisias to house, protect and properly exhibit the wealth of the exquisite sculpture uncovered there over the years.
It is important that these treasures be safeguarded and preserved for future generations.

Penelope Lout
President - French Friends of Aphrodisias, Paris

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